Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One + One= :) Mommy

Thanks to a playdate that Benjamin had with his good buddy Cosmo, I got to spend some one-on-one time with Sethy, which is all too rare. After dropping Ben off with his friend, I took Seth to the library (as you know, my favorite place), so we could peruse the stacks of board books, specifically on is favorite topics: doggies and kitties. It was fun watching him look through the books then attempt to share books with another toddler who was sitting at the table next to us. Seth is a pretty jovial, hands-on kid, and the two year-old he became fascinated with didn't much appreciate Seth's continuous petting of his head. My baby, being clueless, remained persistent in following poor Jack around the children's area, until we were all saved by the "bell" so-to-speak: the call to baby storytime. Having never been to a storytime that I myself was not in charge of, I was thrilled to see how Seth would react to a room full of people his size, singing and clapping and playing lap-games. Well, much like his siblings before him, he sat, thumb-in-mouth, quietly observing the rather boisterous but somehow grumpy librarian do her shtick, then really took-off during free-play, where he proceeded to bounce around the room, gleefully popping in on the other mommies in the room ("hi, my name is seth, i am really cute with my wild blond hair and dimples, and now I'm going to pat you on the back for a while and maybe pull your hair).

All in all, it was a real treat for me to play with my twenty-month old, just the two of us, for once.


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