Friday, February 20, 2009

Loser Mommy Gets Lucky (Again) and Lily the Old Lady

Ah, what can I say, friends. It is a continuous spree of sliding in by the skin of my teeth, yet once again....

Today was the annual Variety Show at my kids' school. Lily has been practicing a skit with her friends for weeks now and finally got to show her stuff...she's a natural comedian- not unlike her mother, I might add. Well, I decided I would go to the afternoon show so that my husband and mother could attend the evening performance while I stayed home with my slumbering baby. But, of course, the "usual Judy" reared her ADHD-filled brain as I scooted into my seat in the middle school auditorium AN HOUR LATE ( I asked a friend seated in front of me- "did it just start?" and she looked at me like I was nuts and retorted "uh, no- it began at 1:15!!!). Ugh. Well, providence was smiling on me because Lily's act was second to last so my sweat turned to glistening relief as I saved my self from yet another disaster. Lil was funny, as she is regularly and with little effort, and quite unrecognizable, to even me, with her grey wig on top of her curly red locks. Lord, I love that girl to death, I tell ya. And I was so proud sitting there, befuddled, watching as she bravely performed her lines, then sang with the entire cast at the end. I saw a lot of myself in her face today- which is funny- like looking at a video of me as an eleven year old.

And, oh, Lily's favorite part?- getting to wear my high-heeled pumps across the stage.


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