Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Comm-Unity of Sports Fans

My good bud Mizzy Kozar rescued me in the midst of a very bad week back in the beginning of January- the anxiety and post-natal depression had come creeping back into my life and I was so desperate for someone to hear me and give me some hope...Well, in true Cuddy-Kozar fashion, she came riding her white horse (actually it is a souped up Toyota pathfinder- but it worked) and took Lily and I for subs (oh- hoagies- I'm sorry Pittsburgers- I misspoke) then to join her in the "Ozone"- where we cheered on our high school girls basketball team, headed up by Liam's teacher, who is the coach. I can't say I really wanted to go- I've never followed local teams- just the big-time stuff- at the pro-level....but I have to say, it worked and I became an instant fan- cheering like some sort of raging lunatic on the side-lines while my kids just kind of clap and hope that no one recognizes us. As I walked into the gym tonight, ready to support the team, I felt happy and extremely grateful to Missy, and to Liam's teacher, for giving me something to get out of the house for, with the kids, at night, even when I'm beat and I just want to hibernate. Lily along with friends Erin Kozar, Sarah Walters, and Paige Gilberg, at our first ever Lebo Girls Game....The start of a great journey for the Sombar family, for sure.

There is a unity in following sports that I felt after the Redskins hired Joe Gibbs the first time, in the early 80s and he took them to two Superbowls in a row. I, at twelve, watched every game, screamed at the T.V., and took the metro into D.C., with my poor mother, to be there in the chill and rain for the parades. My husband and I have a mutual love for the game of football and we both listen to ESPN on am radio, almost exclusively (since we can't get our favorite Sports Junkies from Maryland anymore). I told Tom last night that I love sports- but I think I also just love men and that may explain why I tolerate the idiots on talk-radio going on and on about- uh, nothing. Anyway, we've betrayed my father-in-law and forged a new loyalty to the Steelers ("the Stillers" as they are called here in the Burgh-) despite his demand to the contrary- being that he's a mad Ravens fan who just got the wind knocked out of him this season by the ol' black and gold (sorry, Poppy).

Well, our high school girl's basketball team remains undefeated, and, after tonight's win over their arch nemesis, they are headed to the WPIAL finals, which will be played in the big-time arena in the city this Saturday. GO LEBO!!! Lily and Liam, pretending to love one another at the game.

Here's to "UNFINISHED BUSINESS", Coach Oldaker, and friends helping friends find their way.....


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