Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Bedtime Plea From My Six Year-Old

Benjamin has his own room now- that chaos I mentioned about switching the bedrooms around in the house, leaving my hubby and I to slumber in the family room- well, it was in part due to our third child's need for space- and his sibling's need to be away from him from time to time (like during his thrice-weekly night-time temper tantrums). So tonight, as I do on most nights, I laid with him and read some cool books we found at the library, then we turned out the lights and I started praying. I think I've mentioned our routine- the one I learned in my fifth grade Sunday School class- J.O.Y.- Jesus, Others, and You. So first, we thank God (Jesus) for something we are grateful for, then we pray for someone or a group of someones who need to be lifted up, then we pray for ourselves. Benjamin often gets this reversed, and I hear him beginning his conversation with the Lord by asking that next Christmas he get that Nintendo D.S. he so deserves (Apparently, God was too busy working on the problems in Darfur or some other desperate place, to listen to ol' Ben's constant cries for this piece of modern technology this go around). Well, tonight, friends, after I laid my requests for rest out in a whisper for Jesus to ponder, Ben very quietly says- "if I promise to say two prayers tomorrow night, mommy, can I just go to sleep now?" Heck yeah- son- you go right ahead. So he did- he turned his little torso right over and within 30 seconds he was snoring and I felt a little chuckle from heaven as I was given the instant gift of peace. :)


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