Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Break For Some Laughs

My husband is away on business- which is the bain of my existence and certainly no help to my present state of mind. Anyway, I generally cope pretty well during his absence, with two exceptions- bedtime and the hours between midnight and 6am. As those of you who follow this blog know by now- my son Benjamin, who is now six, doesn't exactly behave in the most stellar of ways for his parents, and slumber does not come easily for him, or for us, as a result.

Last night, as my mother, who flew in to help out, was bathing Seth, my three oldest kids and I were playing the excruciating but addicting game of Flippin' Frogs (just when you thought you could do anything in life- along came this dumb game to show you that getting frogs into the branches of a tree while it spins around in a fury is beyond your capabilities) and Ben went into a tirade-throwing things and basically being your worst nightmare, because, for once, he lost. In a nutshell, he and I ended up in a bedtime battle, with him losing about one hundred privileges ("mommy- WHAT is a PRIVILEGE anyway?!!!!") and me getting ready to commit a serious felony. So, at that point, as I'm laying next to him in bed, lights out, and he's blowing raspberries and huffing and puffing about his miserable life, he exclaims "MOMMY- YOU.....YOU.....YOU GONNA BE A WEIRD GRANDMA!!! THAT'S RIGHT MOMMY- YOU GONNA BE A STUPID, WEIRD GRANDMA." And despite all the will-power I could muster at that point, I broke out in a huge fit of laughter- which Benjamin did not think was very amusing. But the fact that those were the words he was using to get back at me for all of my horrible parenting last night- was hilarious.


sandwiched said...

So funny! My kids just got Flippin' Frogs for Christmas, but we left it at Grandma's in Chicago. I was TERRIBLE at it!

Your 6 year old reminded me of my 7 year old girl....

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