Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wii Wiish You a Merry Christmas

Sorry for the rather punchy title- I couldn't help myself, as I'm belatedly delirious over the present we bestowed on ourselves, as a family, today...this utopia of technology, forcing those of us semi-couch spuds into action, our most competitive spirits come alive in a frenzy unlike anything we've experienced before.

I have had a lot of mixed feelings over bringing this gaming system into my home- having loved so much the creativity with which my children have, thus far, broached life- the vigor with which they run, free as birds, sword-fighting, playing tag,riding bikes, climbing trees...the thought of some plastic box robbing us of those hours, making what was once so active suddenly passive and unaware sends chills down my spine. But the reality of our life is this- we live six miles South of the city of Pittsburgh, where we spend five months out of the year in weather I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy- frigid,gray,rainy, dreary, muck- those times of being free as birds become days where we can barely see the end, where the act of simply passing the time seems so burdensome you could just drown in a puddle of boredom. REALLY. It's THAT bad... So, I caved, like I did about cable T.V. two years ago, and we bought a Wii and this game to play on it called Outdoor Challenge. Let me tell you, folks, I may not walk tomorrow, as I lay here feeling the soreness of muscles I thought had evaporated years ago...five of the six of us (Seth just stared at me- confused by my leap from "normal mommy behavior") jogging, running, swaying, rowing, laughing, crying, peeing (well, that was me- such terrible bladder control...)off and on all day (we did do other things- read, put together and play with robots, eyeclops, digital microscopes, hockey sticks, balls...) The best part about it was that no one abandoned ship and fled to the basement to watch mindless television or any of the other more isolating activities that may go on around here in the cold- we hung out and played, as a family, and probably had more fun than we've had, during the winter time, since we moved here three years ago (well, except for sledding, which is a sport practiced year around in my backyard, summer and winter, in dirt or snow). And my husband nearly wept, he was cackling so hard watching me attempt to wii-bowl alongside my children- really, I almost called 911- he was doubled-over on the floor, hysterical. He thanked me many times today- exclaiming he'd never had a funnier Christmas experience in his life. What can I say people....I'll take that complement and run with it. No regrets- this was a spectacular gift.

I hope you too felt glee on this day of all days...other than the spirit of love and giving, there is no greater way to celebrate the birth of Christ than to bring happiness to those whose lives enrich yours throughout the year.


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