Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Yummy pancakes- a regular Wednesday-Night Cuisine for the Sombar Family

Tonight, as it has been every week for some time now, is what I call "Wacky Wednesday" in our house. Basically, I fix dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner (though Tom got the big kids up and out the door this morning while I slumbered with Benjamin and Seth- so I have a feeling that he wasn't as creative with the first meal of the day). Usually I will make pancakes and sausage or bacon, with eggs. We all love the comfort of hotcakes with syrup and it turns out to be one of those dinners you can whip up without too much thought in advance.

Themed dinners have saved my ADD brain this year. I try to fix things which correspond to a particular culture for its respective day of the week. For example, Mondays are Mexican nights here so I'll prepare chicken enchiladas, tacos, chips/salsa. Tuesdays are Italian- we have spaghetti with both vegetarian and meat sauce (if Tom fixes it) and garlic bread, Thursday is Thanksgiving-Once-A-Week so we'll have chicken breast with herbs, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin muffins. Friday is pizza night, and if I'm good, I'll make the pizza (otherwise, we have it delivered). Saturday and Sunday we do sandwiches and chili-sometimes pot roast. Without this "schedule" of sorts, I fall into the ditch of despair at about 5pm when I open the fridge and find 5lbs of organic carrots and a bag of cheese staring me in the face and I haven't a clue how to feed my family. Then we end up throwing our money down the drain on take-out, or worse, fast food- which always makes me feel like a loser-mom.

Here's what's on the table this evening, in case you care to be inspired:

French Toast Casserole (with syrup and whipped cream as a treat!)
Hash Brown Heaven
Apple Sauce


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