Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gingerbreadville, Pittsburgh, USA

Every year, on the Saturday before Christmas, our neighbors (and the parents of Molly, Ben's "wife" from his wedding of earlier this year), the Merricks , host a gingerbread house building party for all of the families in our cul-de-sac. I never feel more like I love my Pittsburgh home than on this night when each of my children gets their very own house, baked with love by Susie Merrick, to decorate at will for hours. Leading up to six pm yesterday, I felt way too exhausted to show my face at this most joyous event, but forced myself to attend anyway and was glad I did in the end. Amidst yummy dishes like buffalo chicken dip (from the Wells) and strawberries with Amaretto cream, we dined and wined (well, I just dined- being the designated parent for the night while Tom tripped the life fantastic)and duded up some glorious candy-covered cottages (Ben has never showed an attention span the likes of that and Liam even finished his creation and snuggled with me to help cover mine). At around 11pm, we trotted back to our house with more sugar than our stomachs could tolerate and lots of Christmas glee. Ode to joy!

Liam, my talented architectural assistant

Teens and little-ones alike are invited and enthusiastically participate in the evening's building soiree, giving me ample hope for our future generation.

Carlton "Pudge" Gbur a/k/a Ben's best-friend ever.

Lily concentrating on her masterpiece, appropriately modeling the oh-so-fashionable poinsettia bud in hair trend.

Ben fervently displaying his work of art for the camera, and miraculously staying seated for a good two hours. Maybe we should build houses out of candy everyday!

My "OCD" bungalow, as my friend Haley termed it, whose roof I meticulously layered with butter mints, then ran out of steam and gave over to my eight year-old, who donned it, more whimsically, with a variety of candy tiles and windows..


Lisa said...

I am impressed, as I am a gingerbread house building flunkie.

Visit if you want to laugh at my attempt.

Merry Christmas

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