Monday, November 10, 2008

Taking Time

A lesson I have learned the hard way- well, I'm still learning it, is to take time for myself. I feel like I've been on auto-pilot the last eleven years or so, just doing and doing and doing, but not really a whole lot for me. This is the sure-fire recipe to crash and burn people, believe me, the crash and the burn suck.

So...yesterday morning I decided to give in and let go. And it was so good for me. It did not feel comfortable every minute, and I had a lot of guilt, but I stayed in bed for a while, then I watched some decorating porn (Candace Olsen- she's such a dream), then I drove to Barnes & Noble and finally used the gift card from Stacey (thanks, girl) and bought a folk music book and played my guitar for hours. I did hang with the kids some, mopped and vacuumed last night, and watched a movie with Tom (his choice- Casino Royale), but I didn't read any self-help "you are a terrible mother" books or "your butt is too big" guides....I didn't rush around or feel obligated to anyone.

It was a fantastic Sunday and I'm so worth it. :)


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