Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking My Own Advice

Lily has been struggling this fall with a lot of anxiety over getting her school work done and having a life at the same time (sad but true, people). Lily is an A/B student with meticulous attention to detail and responsibility but she is also a perfectionist, much like her very fallible mother, and, unfortunately, this leaves my darling daughter all tied up in knots these days.

Last night I was attempting to relieve some of her angst by reciting some of my hardest learned wisdom, over and over again. But once she felt calm enough to sleep, then it was my turn to panic. So, I had to remind myself of the very words I said to my child, with such fervor: that the glass IS half-full and that she needs to just take her life ONE DAY AT A TIME. And ya know what- its true. As easy as those things are to say, and as simplistic as they seem, my glass really is half-full- I have a house in a good neighborhood, a husband who is educated and has a strong work ethic, who loves and cares for his wife and kids, four beautiful children who are mostly healthy, heat, food on the table, an education of my own, parents who support us and their grandchildren, cars that run, clothes and shoes (just to name a few). I lose sight of my blessings when I get overwhelmed by my worries. But I know that, at the end of the day, God is in control (like it or not) and the good DOES out-weigh the bad, and I can attest to both of these things, to Lily, with confidence.

So today I have found myself uttering this wisdom, like a mantra, as I began to teeter on the brink of trying to make my world a little too perfect. And it made this day just a little bit more manageable- which is always a good thing.


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