Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stone Soup

My gig this week- "FANCY THAT!!"

I read to the kids at Southminster Nursery School this week. They were having their annual "Stone Soup" fest, which Benjamin so loved when he was there. I have so much fun being with these tiny souls and they look at me like I'm the day's super-hero, which is totally cool.

My guitar lessons are coming along- my teacher and I did a rousing duet of "Frosty The Snowman" last night,though it felt a little dorky given that my teacher is a grad student and a good fifteen years my junior. He's my only source of validation each week, however, so I try to soak it all up in my half-hour ("I can tell you are working really hard- good job- that was perfect!"). My evening practices are making a huge difference and they are helping my kids get in the groove, too, which seemed so impossible before. Liam has mastered "Smoke On The Water" and is now working on "Day Tripper" (he has a cool teacher, eh? a real rocker) and Lily sounds like a genuine blues artist on her saxophone now (even when she's playing "Go Tell Aunt Rhodie The Old Gray Goose Is Dead!") I aim to include some strummin' with my story gigs by next fall. Now if I could just find some pitch to my voice, it would be really swell....


Bonnie said...

Josie was THRILLED with the story today. She came bouncing out of school telling me that Mrs. Sombar was the special reader today and that was the bestest part of Stone Soup day.

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