Friday, November 14, 2008


i spent some time yesterday mindfully parenting my four children- after the three older ones were all home from school. It may seem to you like the obvious choice, but most afternoons I struggle to be truly with them, feeling this rabid compulsion to pick-up and straighten the inevitable mess that my house has become by that point- which isn't what they most need from me. Being in the midst of disorder is not my strong suit, so its a battle I wage every day- sometimes I cave and set about putting books and toys in their places, scouring countertops, vacuuming crumbs. Other times, I gather my wits about me and say "to hell with it" and just focus on the kids, individually if I'm really good.

So all five of us (Tom was working) settled into the livingroom where we made Christmas lists (pouring through catalogues and sale papers), sang silly songs, and played our famous game, we aptly titled "the butt kick" routine. Basically, the kids pile all the pillows and cushions onto the floor (there are a lot- i love pillows) and, with their backsides to me, I kick them in the butt and watch them fly across the room, landing softly a couple of feet away (they actually aren't flying- but they want to be). All of us end up in complete hysterics, nearly missing some grave spinal cord injury in the process, i'm sure. Even Seth, my seventeen month-old, would stick his heinie way up and let me push him over onto the pile- then laugh and laugh.

This weekend, if any of you are finding yourself at a loss for something to help you pass the time, you may want to grab a partner with at least one good foot, and offer up your behind for a good swift launch. You might be surprised at the giggling which may ensue- you might even snort.


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