Sunday, November 23, 2008

Games We Play

I think I may have found the utopia of family games, people. RUCKUS!!!! Liam and I played for the first time yesterday afternoon and we were immediately hooked. All of us, including Granny, have played about fifty times since then, with virtually no quarreling or violence (guaranteed behaviors during other family activities). For all of you with kids five and over (even those with miniscule attention spans like some kindergarteners I know), or if you happen to be single and really bored, I highly recommend getting in your vehicles immediately, heading for your nearest toy store or game outlet- throwing down about ten bucks and heading home to deal the strangest cards you've ever seen-you won't be disappointed and you'll totally feel like a good parent, interacting with your children in a positive manner for at least fifteen minutes. Hooray for RUCKUS!!!


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