Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wildlife In My Bedroom

Don't get too excited- its not what you may be thinking....After days of smelling something foul emanating from our upstairs, particularly my bedroom, I was horrified to discover, under a pink t-shirt, while sorting laundry, a rather rotund, though dead, chipmunk, laying on one of my favorite pair of pants, in what appeared to be an advanced stage of rigor mortis (we have a cat with the hunting acumen of a military sniper). A CHIPMUNK IN MY BEDROOM PEOPLE- WHO DOES THIS HAPPEN TO? AND IT DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH, APPARENTLY, BLEEDING ALL OVER MANY OF MY WINTER CLOTHES, WHICH MY HUSBAND HAD KINDLY DUMPED AT THE FOOT OF OUR BED!!!

I reacted, of course, in a most mature way, by screaming bloody murder and tearing through my house looking for Tom to rid our boudoir of this revolting sight. He did, and now, I must say, that I'm left with this constant feeling that I am going to look down, or get in bed, and find some non-domesticated mammal sharing my space. It is very disturbing. Just what I need to calm my weary soul- the mutilated carcass of a rodent.


ljaymc said...

I am merely the messenger from Frank..."is that a rat in your pants or are you just happy to see me??". Sorry - on the comment, and the visitor!

Lori said...

Oy, Judy. This is why I've always preferred INDOOR cats. Don't love the cat box, but the absence of dead anything in my house is well worth it. Is there enough laundry detergent in the world to make you wear those clothes again?!

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