Monday, September 1, 2008


Here are some memories captured as three of our four children officially went "back-to-school." Lily is now a fifth grader, in her last year of elementary school (gasp!), Liam is in second grade, and Benjamin just started afternoon kindergarten. I, as always, was reluctant to see them go, but relieved that they are in good hands and happy to be there.

Lily and Liam, growing more and more disgusted with their mother's need to photograph them from every angle, embracing one another, on the first day of school. by next year i'm sure they will be sneaking out of the house to avoid this apparent annoyance. It just got worse as I helped them to their desks and covered them in sloppy kisses and "I love yous"- it made them extra glad to be there, I'm certain.

Tom and I look a little too excited for "back-to-school" day I think- and my cleavage is rather offensive (after commenting to my mother that she should have picked a different angle for that shot, Ben replied "Mommy, what cleavage?" Oh, brother).

why do they make shoestrings for children's tennis-shoes four feet long?

Ben and his locker, which is the most exciting thing about kindergarten, next to recess.

Ben has had some issues with separation anxiety and poor Mrs. Bozarth has been having to pry him off of my body in the afternoon, but he claims to be glad he's going and seems to be excited to be going to the same place his brother and sister are in everyday.


kirsten said...

oh, they are getting so big!! i can't even imagine what it's like to watch your little ones head off to school ...


blessings to you!


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