Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I haven't had a lot of downtime on my computer recently...working hard to get well, in my program, then coming home to parent and rest. One of my favorite things to do, when I've got some spare moments (LOL) is just goof around on google, researching old friends or miscellaneous facts about far-out topics).

I spent some good soul-nourishing hours with my friend Stacey today, firmly planted on her corduroy sectional (the color of my favorite crayola crayon- burnt sienna), eating sinfully delicious baked goods (homemade pineapple coconut cake and lemon bars), laughing about my chaos and hospital experience(instead of crying, which I've done enough of lately), waxing philosophic about Eckhart Tolle, and debating the San Antonio real estate market (she's moving there- whatever will I do?). We also talked of careers (past and future) and personality traits. I was reminded of a time when Jen Lemen and I sat in her living room and took the Meyers-Briggs personality test online and found out we had the same letters (ENFJ) and laughed about that-she and I often wiled away the days, digging deep into our true selves. So, I thought I might goof around with some of those tests again tonight, if I get a minute to myself.

Here are some websites Stacey came up with, if you are interested:


jen lemen said...

mama, your enfj just got back from 10 days in rwanda. :) power is out here, but we have to talk soon. xoxox

Matt A. said...

Thanks for the post! There is a great free True Colors Test at
True Colors is based upon the MBTI. ENFJ would be considered a "Blue"
Have fun with the test!

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