Thursday, March 6, 2008

If You're Looking for Jesus....

He's been here. Bigtime. And now his angels are hovering over me, taking care of me in the sweetest ways- Val showing up with two bags of groceries for us- out of the blue- where does this come from? This love of human beings that motivates people to reach out, no expectations of anything in return? Val would probably laugh to think I lumped her right in the boat with Christ, but really, friends, deep down- this is where he is. He's not in the big fancy churches or the confessionals or the bible bookstores...he's laying with you in the dirt of your life, when your hair resembles a wet rat, you're wearing sweats from three days ago, the shower is a distant thought, there are crumbs on your 400 thread count sheets, cat pee on your carpet, papers piled to the ceiling, unpaid bills in your mailbox, and you think you can't possibly go on.


kirsten said...

that is so, so true judy. so many people ook for these huge grand & glorious gestures ... but he shows up in the everyday, through people we know. i lvoe that about him. thanks for reminding me that that's how he likes to show up ... in our everydays. ;o)

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