Tuesday, March 4, 2008

History In The Making

Its late, and I clearly should have been in bed by now- but there was the small matter of the sewage pipe erupting all over my basement (a collective "ew" would be appropriate right about now, people). So, sitting here, wide-awake with stress and heartburn, watching my husband rip up soiled carpeting, I've been navigating to CNN, keeping an eye on the election results for the state of Texas. Have we all sat back and really grasped the awesome history in the making? I mean, HELLO, there is a black man and a woman running neck and neck to be the Democratic nominee for the 2008Presidential election!!! A BLACK MAN AND A WHITE WOMAN? I don't think most of us could have dreamed this big.... Now, those of you who've been following this little blog of mine, may well have summised that I am a fan of Hillary Clinton- I am, indeed-just a personal preference, but, truly, either of them could win and in the end I would be so thrilled. Not only for our country, which desperately needs regime change, but for my kids. If the Democrats win this year, and they very well could, my kids will actually get to witness the inauguration of a minority as a leader of this great land. They will no longer have to question why all the Presidents have been white men. They will see possibility where there once was only a slim chance. My daughter will KNOW that women CAN be anything they want to be, that its not just some cliche we deliver to young girls before they are old enough to deal with reality. My sons will know that the voting process is decided upon the merit of a man or woman not by the color of their skin. We are on the brink of a magnificent future and that alone makes the sewage in my basement a little less troubling this evening.


Christianne said...

ooh, good thoughts here, judy. thank you for sharing. i have to confess i'm an obama fan, and it is killing me that hillary won the two big states last night. i groan and say darn! because i love the hope and unity he is helping us rally around.

that said, i appreciate your perspective, too, and would welcome hearing your reasons for preferring hillary. maybe they would change my mind. :)

kirsten said...

judy, i agree with you ... either way, if democrats when this election, we are witnesses to history in the making.

so exciting to be witness to this!!

Judy Sombar said...

hea- christianne- just checked out your blog- love it. i went to brian mclaren's church for a while and got to know him a little. very very interesting man. his wife and my friend jen lemen are close. (i lived in maryland until 2 yrs. ago). anyway, have not read generous orthodoxy but have heard very good things about it and am meaning to. tell me more about your degree program- very intriguing.

oh- the hillary thing- i love the clintons (except for bill's moral problems, of course), and i am in love with hillary's courage to be going after her dreams, as she is (not that obama isn't doing much the same, mind you). i don't know, i think that hillary did a lot of the work while bill was president and i think her experience is remarkable in that regard. i also just would love to see this country out of its patriarchal zone for a change- to see the changes a woman could make to the way our government handles issues...but i'm not blind to the fact that i believe ALL politicians are corrupt (obama and hillary included) because of lobbyists and funds used in campaigns. i think that both of those things have an enormous affect on what laws are put into place and how tax dollars are spent- and what Americans are privy to, as far as information. that aside, i guess its the female /experience combo that make me root for ol' hillary. also to spite all of the men, in the media, who keep commenting on her body parts as flawed. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Christianne said...

Hi Judy! Just saw that you posted a response to me here. Thank you.

I enjoyed hearing your perspective on Hillary. I can feel your enthusiasm. And yes, it is totally amazing that a woman has come this far and this close to securing the presidential nomination for a political party. I always wondered as a little girl when we would have the first female president (and wondered if maybe it would be me!), so it's great, just 20 years later, to see that such a possibility is within range.

That said, I still adore Obama. :)

Very cool connection to Brian McLaren! And I know Jen Lemen (meaning, I know her blog, I don't know her personally) -- that is a cool connection to Brian's wife. Generous Orthodoxy is an amazing book. I'm reading it slowly, just a chapter or few pages at a time, but I carry it with me everywhere, and I love it. Brian is so honest and real in the book. Very humble and self-deprecating, admitting his own flaws openly, opening himself up to his critics quite readily, like he's having a conversation with them.

Besides the premise of the book being lovely, here's what caused me to actually buy the book the day I picked it up: if you flip through the introduction, you will see that it is peppered with footnotes. The footnotes are hilarious. For instance, the first footnote is in response to how many people would say they don't want anything to do with what evangelicalism has come to represent in society. The footnote simply reads "Me either. See chapter 15." Ha ha! So quirkly. And then he has a Chapter 0, which he titpled, "A Generous Refund" and which proceeds to list every single reason someone might want to bow out of reading the book in advance of actually reading it -- his way of telling people, if you don't like these things, go get a refund at the bookstore. I just love all this stuff. Very unorthodox.

Thanks for asking about ISF. Maybe I'll do a post about it specifically to tell what it is and why I've chosen it over other programs Kirk and I have looked into. :)

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