Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter- We're Doing The Macarena...

Our dreary Easter morning in Western PA began with a ten-clue scavenger hunt for the Easter Baskets (created by my hubby-the sleuth du jour). The clues originated on the sofa in the living room, progressing from there to the dining room, the top of the play set out back, inside the oven, to the upstairs loft, the coal room in the basement, the top of the tree on the island of our cul-de-sac, the park bench in the backyard, then to their beds, where the goods awaited them under the covers. After some fluttering about, we enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast, and a short discussion of the meaning of the day. Tiring of the indoor gymnastics and touchdowns which were just merely missing my china, I challenged Tom and my children to a rousing game of backyard softball (Lily chose to plant herself in front of "Enchanted" instead). As the sun finally made its appearance in Pittsburgh, I was running the bases with caution, fearing that I would end up with a years worth of physical therapy should I go hog wild and fly into Home, like Tom, the more daring (or brain-dead) parent. There's nothing like a five year old and seven year old to remind you how out of shape you are, but this is Easter people, and I chose not to notice. Then the boys and I plopped ourselves down in the dirt and dug for worms, and planned the worm habitat that they are hoping to create, while Tom made supper. Once our neighbor, Georgina, arrived home from her Unitarian service in the city, the party really began, with my three oldest children joining her, on top of the stone wall surrounding my porch, for a hilarious rendition of the Macarena (accompanied by the actual song played on our boom box at deafening decibels). I know what you're thinking- where's the sacred- the serene- the respectful celebration of the resurrection of our Lord? Well...I decided that it was within the glee of my children, and the swelling of my own spirit, spending unending amounts of time, together- as a family, reveling in life and the joy of springtime.


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