Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is officially my 200th post on this blog and what this means, people, is that i've been more loyal to Picking Daisies than I ever was to all my childhood diaries and journals combined (does this sound familiar..."dear diary, i'm sorry its been three years since i last wrote- i have so much to say..."). Wahoooooooooooooo! Not even my infamous case of ADD distracted me from laying it all out here, on a semi-regular basis...what a miracle. So, in honor of the impossible becoming possible, I'm offering to you, friends and strangers and lurkers alike, a prize if you comment on this celebratory post. Maybe some of my mommy porn or one of my favorite bumper stickers or my snoring husband (just kidding...i think) or pooh-eating fourth child in your mailbox. Come out come out wherever you gifts for all!

Tomorrow is Easter. I spent about an hour tonight preparing "baskets" for my children (they are actually cloth grocery bags from our local Giant Eagle- which the cashier, upon my divulging of this plan, found rather odd. Our "Easter" box, full of our regular baskets and home decor is currently beyond reach in a closet in the basement, where we had that oh-so-unfortunate sewage explosion two weeks ago). I thought I would let you, my wonderful readers, in on the secret contents before they are revealed to their recipients tomorrow morning. I'm not the traditional Easter Bunny (shocking, I know), who brings jelly beans and chocolate rabbits- oh children awake Easter morn to the challenge of first having to find their baskets, which I hide the best that i can, then to the lovely treasures which await them inside. As they receive more than enough candy from my parents, in the days preceding this holiday, I give them a fair amount of material "stuff", instead. This year, for instance, Lily will uncover a pair of pink lacrosse sticks, the movie "Enchanted" on DVD, a "Radio Disney" CD, a wonderful Gymboree sundress I found at the thrift store, markers, gel pens, a Sea Monkey growing kit and halvah (a Lebanese sesame dessert that i've been eating since I was a child, and which Lily and Benjamin devour in an instant). Liam will delight in a tennis racket and bottle of balls, a "Harry Potter Scene-It" DVD game from the thrift store, a spy book, an Elmers paint book and pens, the third DVD in the Harry Potter Series-"The Prisoner of Azkaban", and a Radio Disney CD. Benjamin will find a snazzy orange football, the game "Don't Spill The Beans", some addition flashcards (he loves adding things together), several picture books, a Space Shuttle pop-out book, a Harry Potter T-shirt from the thrift store, a pocket-size photo album, the movie "RV" on DVD, and a Radio Disney CD. Finally, Sethy, who I'm well aware could care less, will be showered with a big red ball, some wooden baby rattles and some board books.

We started a tradition four years ago, in our family, where we spend Easter, not in church, as is the typical method of worship, but in Nature, enjoying God's creation at the source. I began to find, a while back, the whole chaos of dressing in all the finery and fighting our way into packed pews after knocking down two old ladies and ten children just to find a parking spot, a little anti-Christian- if you will. The only thing that was being resurrected on Easter morn, every year, was my stress level and the tantrums of every one of my lovely offspring. So, we generally look to go for a hike somewhere and just be together, talking about God and things that we are thankful for. I don't necessarily believe that our way of paying homage to Christ is the better one, but it is what feels right to us at this stage in our lives so we have decided to continue to practice it for now.

Is Easter a special day in your life and how, if at all, do you celebrate it?


Schwester said...

I am finally getting an "Identity"
as a blogger reader, even though yours is the only blog I read, so far. I cannot say too many times --I
love your writing! It always seems
to bring me back to what is real
and what is truly meaningful. Thanks
Sister! Congratulations. Love Ya

ljaymc said...

Happy Easter! I hope that you enjoyed your "communion with nature" today. And congrats on 200 posts - long may it continue as I thoroughly enjoy your musings and adventures! Lisa

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