Thursday, March 27, 2008

Do Eyeballs Grow? plus two more questions....

When I lay with Benjamin at night, to ease him into slumber, he not only insists on resting his head on my arm (and not just any part of my arm, either- the place just above the crook that's a little meatier- notice i didn't say more
muscular....)but he has grown fond of the habit of telling two jokes or asking two questions before drifting off. Last night he wanted to know if eyeballs grow (along with something else a little less challenging). I'm sure this is something I should know but I had no idea so I googled it (what in the world did we do without the Internet)and here is the answer:

At birth, the head and structures within it, such as the eyes and brain, are more developed in proportion to the rest of the body. The head and eyes increase in width by only 1.5 times up to the age of 5 years, and after that only a very small proportion more until early adulthood. So the eyes do grow slightly, probably only a matter of millimetres, and only up to age 5 or so.

So, this evening, as we spooned, I excitedly gave him the eyeball info, then received the night's two inquiries: "Mommy, is God Jesus' son?" "No, Jesus is God's Son, Ben." "Mommy, why they hang Jesus on the top of an X?" "Uh.....well, because he went out of his way to help a lot of people and some folks who were in power back then didn't like him being so nice..." (not so Biblical- but an okay summary for a five year-old, I think). so Ben then proceeds to give his opinion on the matter: "Mommy, ya know what- that crazy, Mommy, that TOTALLY crazy."


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