Sunday, February 3, 2008


I've been surprised very little in my life. My daughter, whose conception was not "planned" , was not really a surprise (we all know how these things happen, right?). My husband's testicular cancer diagnosis, four and a half years ago, was horrible and disappointing and bewildering and frightening- but not much of a surprise either (we'd had that testicle investigated two years prior to no avail). Two weeks later, when my mother's breast cancer was found, I was too numb to feel surprised. But, as my husband drove me to "lunch" the Friday afternoon before Mother's Day, 2005, and we ended up taking a detour to the airport in Baltimore, where we boarded a plane for a weekend in Miami, I WAS TOTALLY SURPRISED (yes- he is the real thing, people. the best husband on earth- even though he makes me crazy most days). Then, there is my unbelievable friend, Nancy Sanders
, who I have wanted to post about for sometime now...this woman has stood by me like a statue for almost a decade, after our lives first collided at a La Leche League playgroup in 1998

Nancy's daughter, Amelia, and Lily, the babies we were nursing almost ten years ago, when we met. Now they are all grown up (kind of) and they have a lot of fun when we can get them together.
The girls with their respective silly brothers, Sam Sanders and Ben Sombar, born four months apart in 02/03.

Well, late in May of this past year, when I was appearing to have swallowed a wildebeast- I was soooooooooo pregnant, I got the shock of a lifetime...I came downstairs to what my husband had told me was dinner on the frontporch (I was hardley moving, laying in bed, and considering a long slumber), to find Nancy standing in my livingroom, having left work early and driven the 5 hours from D.C. to visit me, by herself (she has two beautiful children) for the weekend. She and my husband had been in cohoots for a long time, and I hadn't even the slightest clue. She attended my "surprise shower" the next morning Large and not in charge- that's me, very preggo, sitting amongst some of the most incredible souls on earth- including Nancy, who Karin T so graciously allowed to crash my ultra-gourmet shower, at the last minute (second), before I arrived.

and then we just did my life for two days- hanging with the kids, fixing supper, playing a late night game of scrabble, trips to the Uptown Coffee shop...nothing grand and extraordinary- except that she showed up like that. And that's Nancy. I love this woman. Like you love your very first friend whom you grow old with...she's the most amazing soul... (she's also an undiscovered talent with the camera- check out some of her fantastic footage).


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