Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In a Hurry To Slow Down

I have posted here before about my pervasive ADD issues, most of which is evidenced by my continuous loss of important items, such as glasses and cell phones. Every morning I am challenged to find either of those things (I had my glasses replaced two weeks ago and my phone is currently AWOL), as well as gloves, hats, credit cards, etc. Today, after taking Seth to see the Dr., I found myself lamenting, as I drove the boys to get some lunch, how miserable I am when I feel so disorganized and the lengths I would go to just to find a solution to this life-long frustration. But then, as I took a deep breath, in and out, I noticed how my insides seemed to be racing, as if they were in a hurry and I wondered to myself if part of my problem isn't that I've got this inner-clock that whispers to me that I must hurry-up- about everything. So I took some more really deep breaths and I started to talk back, to that voice (okay- people, I know what you are thinking....), reassuring it that we could take our time today and that life would wait for us....there wasn't anything we needed to do that required that sort of urgency. NOTHING! This is a lightbulb moment for me (if you will forgive my Oprah-ism there)...and I'm going to try, today, to slow down, on the inside, and take the time to be purposeful about everything that I am doing- whether it be fixing myself a healthy lunch, or nursing Seth, or putting away my coat, or picking up my kids. Perhaps the solution to my inner-chaos lies here, in the slow lane. (NOW IF I COULD JUST FIND MY PHONE.....)


jen said...

I have to use a pda or I get anxiety. My life just became too busy and the pda helps me manage. I can look at it to take away the "should i be doing something?" feeling. Also, if I know I have too many upcoming events (which I do right now) I can fill in each day with what would need to be done to make sure that all my goals are met.

Then I make sure I leave time for fun stuff. Not always so easy.


kirsten said...

Sounds like a working mom to me!! [who was it that said the term "working mom" is redundant?]

Just wanted to pop in & say hi!!

Nathan said...

Saw your comment on Kirsten' blog, so I followed it over here.

Kirsten will be able to tell you a lot about the particular diet she was put on. In addition, if you are having gastrointestinal issues of any kind, I cannot recommend the Specific Carbohydrate Diet enough. Check it out. Get the book. It will change your life.

By the way, like your blog; keep posting!

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