Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hooray for Pajama Day!!!

School's out due to the mini-blizzard which hit the Burgh last night. The kids and I crossed our fingers in unison before we dozed off- hoping to have a pajama day today. Lily got up first, checked the school district website and came bounding up the stairs to inform me of the exciting news! We celebrated by snuggling in my big bed for a while, all four kids as they woke up and I (Tom was off to work early). Then it was on to our own individual pursuits- Lily watching Sister Sister in my bedroom or helping Liam on my laptop as he was playing Webkinz

Benjamin watching Little Einsteins in the basement, and

having a variety of gourmet entrees, mashed to perfection for his nearly toothless self.

I baked some peanut butter cookies then began scouring my kitchen to relieve it from its days of cleaning neglect (with a little assistance from the marginally helpful Roomba-robotic vacuum-
my husband's idea for extra support around here which only sort of works- I spend a lot of time monitoring its progress, which totally defeats the purpose, people, and sends my OCD into high-gear!! LOL)

I love these days, when we can all just be ourselves-no obligations or appointments to run off to- no school to separate us or homework to fill up our free-time.

The boys got suited up to go sled riding and treasure hunting in the backyard.

Lily again enjoyed having the remote control all to herself, though she did take a break from her TV fest and offered to cook me an omelet

(what a kid! I breed 'em good, I tell ya! LOL) The baby napped and I took care of some administrative tasks, like ordering the final piece of countertop for our ever-lingering kitchen remodel and scheduling estimates to have central air installed before the sweltering days of summer arrive (ha! as if any of us can even imagine those temps when its 4 degrees here this morning).

Question of the day (from Benjamin): How Do You Breathe In Outer Space? Answer: If you're going to get outside of the space craft you do need a suit. There's no air in outer space and Spacesuits provide oxygen, temperature control and some protection from radiation.

The boys were overjoyed to find a box on our porch, amidst the snow and ice, containing shoes from my good buddy Jenifly
They occupied themselves by trying on the different styles and then fighting over which ones belonged to whom

We ended p.j. day, still in our pajamas (though some of us changed into different pairs throughout the day), nearly finishing Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone (how have I lived this long without reading that awesome series?!!). Once Tom arrived home, with yummy soup from Bonnie, my dinner exchange pal, a massive pillow fight ensued, with Daddy bludgeoning three of his four children(Seth was already asleep) with our extra large denim cushions.

Does it get any better than this? Maybe with a margarita for mommy!


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