Thursday, February 28, 2008


I started a ritual, about a year and a half ago, where Friday is the celebrated "Candy Day" in our family. This means that after school we go to one of a variety of stores on our favorites list and every Sombar (those of us with teeth) gets to purchase the candy items of their choosing (depending on the store, this could be one treasured item or 12 bulk pieces) and eat to their hearts content. I came up with this as a solution to the constant begging for sweets that was going on, daily, in my home. Now, don't have any romantic delusions about this, folks, my children guzzle sugar laden treats every minute they can get their sticky fingers on them (playdates at Auntie Stacey's home, for example, always result in the robbery of her goody bowl, and the bulging pockets of my boys, as do visits with my parents) they just don't get candy from me, until Friday.

Dinardo's Candy Store, just up the street from our home, is a popular spot. Run by a local mom, this quaint little nook on a street filled with upscale shops and spas, sells every sweet treat imaginable, including many favorites from the 1970s- like Lick 'Em Sticks with the flavored sugar and Pop Rocks. Though you often have to pummel about seventy-five middleschoolers just to get through the tiny doorway, once we're in the confines of this treasure trove, my kids are nothing short of hypnotized by the choices at hand and have great difficulty leaving in what I feel is a timely fashion. On alternating Fridays, when I've had just about enough of the mobscene, we head to our grocery store which stocks a rather impressive bulk-candy section. Secretly, I love it there because you can get small sizes of all the best the sugar-world has to offer. We each grab a produce-style plastic bag and pick twelve pieces from the bins and head to the check-out lanes. For me, its double-bubble, raspberry jolly ranchers, lemon heads, an atomic fireball, and a Werthers. Lily loves the chocolate stuff- fun-size Twix, Butterfinger, Hersheys, and Snickers. Liam and Ben both go for the gummies (worms, bears), the dum-dum lollipops, the lemon heads, and the smarties.

Last week, in a moment of creativity, I invented a game I termed "candy concentration." I bought twenty-four pairs of candy (two kisses, two gumballs, etc.) and two large packages of styrofoam cups. I then came home and placed a piece of candy under each of the forty-eight cups on the floor of our foyer.

Each of the kids took turns trying to make a match with the candy, and when they were successful, they got to keep the pair! This was a sensation and one we'll play again in the future.

Tomorrow is candy day everybody!! GRAB SOME AND ENJOY!!


jen said...

cool game! now I want some sugar. lol


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