Monday, January 7, 2008

Top 5 Reasons I Need A Vacation-or A Drink-or Both (other than the previously mentioned lack of sleep)

1. Seth's latest habit of squeezing my breast (depending on the side from which he is garnering his nourishment) as if he were a barbaric mammography device.
2. Ben asking me repeatedly who is on the ten dollar bill and I don't have a clue (due to either a)my current state of mind, b) lack of ten dollar bills floating through my hands, c) all of the above).
3. Proudly heading to the post office with my two youngest boys, two large packages, two small packages, and a bundle of belated Christmas cards this morning, only to be told by the less than compassionate postal worker that the stamps my darling husband gave me to mail my stack of season's greetings were not current. So, as Benjamin made circles as fast as possible around the influx of bewildered customers, I stood at the counter, eyes bulging out of my head, four-letter words just dying to stream forth, affixing added postage to each of the 55 envelopes, hoping not to drop my 6 month old on the cold concrete floor. If you are reading this, and I know your address, your card was most likely in that batch, so- please, when it arrives at your doorstep, read EVERY WORD and appreciate it for ALL that it took to reach you.
4. Lily writing her own early-dismissal excuse this morning, under the (wink wink) watchful eye of her father- which was supposed to allow her to come to Benjamin's school, during her recess, to read a book for his birthday. Instead, the note she devised gave her permission to leave school for the entire afternoon, which I discovered once I attempted to bring her back into the building. Nice going Lily. And yes, my husband, in his only-half-paying-attention mode, is a dingbat.
5. I am having a root canal tomorrow. Enough said


Aaron said...

Thank you for the Christmas card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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