Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Right When I Needed It

As I was leaving the house to go for my root canal yesterday, I found a mysterious package in my mailbox. Contained within the large envelope were two CDs and a long letter from a friend of mine, here in Pittsburgh, who I rarely see, but whom I have a rather remarkable connection to. I met her at a gym, shortly after we moved here and she and I talked for hours about mothering, personal goals, and such. That winter we would meet up to walk, late in the evenings, sometimes in the ice and snow. Then, as so often happens in friendships, the chaos of daily life with children got in the way and we lost touch. Every once in a while, usually when I've been thinking about her for some reason, we'll run into each other at the grocery store or library, and we'll swear we're gonna get it together....

Tonight as I was driving through town to pick up a prescription, I popped in the CD she'd made and a song came on that I really needed to hear- this the third day of struggling to cope after a night of very little sleep. It is hard, when you are in the midst of challenging times, such as these, where the "what ifs" keep streaming through your mind- "what if my baby never sleeps through the night again?" "what if I can't parent my kids tomorrow because I'm so tired..again?" "what if things never get better and what if I never get a break and what if my kids end up hating me and what if...."

If you need somewhere to lay your burdens, listen to this, courtesy of Kristy and the mystery package.
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