Saturday, January 26, 2008


I love the internet. I love having all of my curiosities indulged right at my fingertips. This evening my mom was telling me that she'd heard that Halloween originated in Ireland. So, thinking that she maybe didn't hear that correctly (Halloween? Irish? No........), I grabbed the laptop and looked it up. Here is a good site for Halloween history- even though it is January.... Trick or Treating and jack o' lanterns DID come from Ireland, though Halloween, as a holiday, dates farther back to the Druids and Romans.

is my favorite bumper-sticker. I saw it on the back of an SUV on my way into the city some months ago and have thought of it many times since. I sing this song (Micah 6:8)to Seth every night, as I rock him to sleep. To me, it is a pretty good summation of true Christianity and one I must aspire to more often. You can buy this and many other "liberal/left-wing Christian gear" from the Turn Left site.

I love Thai food- especially from The Bangkok Balcony
in Squirrel Hill. Tonight Tom and I treated ourselves to carry out from there- we had summer rolls (like raw spring rolls), fried tofu salad, Pineapple Curry (THE BEST OF ALL), Mussaman Curry (old stand-by), and Praram Tofu (peanut butter tofu with spinach).

I love feet- not a weird fettish but a "cute-baby-feet-i-can't-stop-gazing-at" thing. I try to take pictures of Seth's feet but 1)i'm no pro at photography, 2)i have a marginal camera (which i am thankful for, don't get me wrong), and 3)he keeps moving the darn things! Here is an example of my latest attempt, while he was taking his nightly bath in our kitchen sink
Here are some from the other day

When I was a child I wanted to be black because I envied the way my friends' braids would stay in their hair, even without a barrett or rubber band, while mine ALWAYS fell out (I had that super shiny, super fine, impossible to hold-in-a-style white girl hair). I told this story to Ben's class two weeks ago, when I came in to read one of my favorite children's books - Nappy Hair by Carolivia Herron
(I am a children's book fanatic and have thousands here just waiting for some nice book shelves to get organized. It is currently my big "home improvement" goal).


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