Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today is one of those that I love- all of us just hangin' out- no pressure to clean or accomplish any real significant tasks (not that we don't NEED to- we have just chosen not to care today). Liam and Benjamin started the morning out by building a fort

out of a cool box (from Ben's new basketball hoop that Gramma bought him for his birthday). They made all of these secret doors to climb through to get into our dining room. Lily, unfortunately, has a bad stomach ache
so she's dividing the hours between sleeping and watching TV. In truly "Lily fashion", I served her, using the silver set my mother-in-law, Rose, gave me for Christmas. This put a smile on my sick girl's face (when I am under the weather, Lily always goes way over the top by bringing meals in bed, etc.) After a yummy spaghetti lunch (Tom's favorite meal to fix), the boys and I played a new game
on Minutemen (Disney Channel. com) called Jeannette's Minutemen Makeover, which was surprisingly appealing to my testosterone filled sons. We took turns dressing the characters in a variety of fashions to see who could get the "super cool" rating or "super nerd." It was very amusing. Tom's typical bonding ritual with his babies is to take them on errands- so he and Seth are at Costco, replenishing our food supply which was lost earlier in the week when some helpful soul left the refrigerator door open over-night and spoiled all the perishables.

I am resisting the urge to start scrubbing the place- I want to enjoy my kids today
. If only they would stop doing gross things like picking their boogers- I would really be in heaven. :)


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