Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's The Little Things

I drove Lily and Liam to school this morning because Lily had forgotten to get one of her tests signed and she would be penalized if she didn't turn it in today. Accompanied by Benjamin (of course- my little co-pilot), we sauntered into the building, trying not to be trampled by the mad rush of elementary kids when the bell rang. First we walked Liam to his locker where he pretended not to enjoy my sloppy kisses all over his head, then we took Lily upstairs to find her test for me to affix my John Hancock. It was sweet to see all the kids, especially the boys in Lily's grade (4th), stop to talk to Benjamin or ask him his name. He was beaming- his little dimples going berzerk.

After we left the school, Ben asked if we could go to our favorite snack spot up the street- Uptown Coffee. As we bothered to refill our parking meter, I noticed that the car next to ours, belonging to another mom whose children are just a grade up from Liam, was parked in front of an expired meter so I whipped out a quarter to ensure the sneaky meter-maid wouldn't plop a big ol' ticket on her windshield (who wants to start the day off like that?). Benjamin just stood there and stared, then inquired "why you do that mommy? that not our car?!!" So I explained "that is Julie's truck and we don't want her to get a ticket and I have an extra quarter." I felt great that Benjamin could witness such a small but significant act of kindness because I know that it colors the way he sees the world- instead of a scarey place where you have to lock doors and watch your belongings like a hawk, its a land where people care for one another in ways that sometimes only God can see, but they make a huge difference. Then we shared an orange cream soda at the Uptown and went home.


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