Monday, January 14, 2008

Hanging Out

The four kids and I just spent the day hanging out with one another. My older three were out of school for a teacher "in-service" day, whatever that means. I sometimes get anxious over these holidays, fretting about how I will change my normal routine to accommodate at least 2 more children than I normally have, during the day, and what I can do to make the day special for them (and survivable for me). Everyone seemed low-key this morning, lounging in pajamas, playing in the freshly fallen snow,
working some computer games or catching a favorite TV show. I thought it might be a good idea to make a run to Michaels for some art supplies so we could do some creating this afternoon. The kids really enjoyed being there and found it hard to choose from the amazing array of interesting projects you could dive into. Liam settled on a kit which helped you make rubber bouncing balls, while Lily and Benjamin both chose big boxes of Crayolas and pads of drawing paper. We left there and came home to get to work on our "art". The balls were much better than I had even hoped, and the crayons were good to have (who doesn't love brand-new crayolas). Of course, my current life, as the mother of an infant, doesn't really allow for me to delve into much of my creative juices so I just held Seth and doodled a little. Does anyone know if the color "burnt sienna" still exists in a box of 64? Because I couldn't find it for the life of me, and it was my ALL TIME FAVORITE when I was a kid.

Benjamin and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which turned out superbly (all but for the 10 that got scorched on the bottom- should've moved the rack in that oven). Tom was very happy to come home to a plate stacked with those.

I attempted to play house with the kids, in Lily's room, but the moment I saw her comfy bed, I could not resist the temptation to lay down. That was a mistake because I wasn't much fun, after that. I am so tired. I did get the opportunity, playing "Lily" in the house drama (she was me) to really get her with all the things she says to me during the course of a day: (Mama- can I have your computer, pleeeeeeeeeease, Mama can I go uptown with Rachel tomorrow and can you give me $5, Mommy, when are we going to download my itunes for my shuffle?, Mommy can I lay with you....MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMY, the boys won't leave me alone!!!) We had a great laugh over that.

The boys drove me a little nuts with their constant wrestling and poop/butt talk. I guess that is normal.

All in all, it was a good escape from the daily grind and I was happy to have them with me today, all day. I miss them so much when they are gone.


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