Friday, January 4, 2008


I've got the cranks this evening so I figured it might be a good time to devote myself to some thoughts of gratitude. Every so often I get burned-out by my life, and it is easy, during these hours, to forget the blessings which have been showered upon me and my family. To Kim for the comfort food this afternoon (pears, ramen, grilled cheese and a heath bar cookie- yum!)- you are sunshine to my spirit and your sense of humor (and profanity) is a huge sigh of relief; to Christina- a pillar of strength on Parkway- how you do it, I will never know...but your angel wings have already been earned; to Stacey for your messenger services the past few afternoons (do you hear the buzz from the Taboo game- honk honk honk); to Casey and Lila- you could have stayed forever- when are we building that commune?; to jenifly- its as if we never skipped a beat- why aren't you heeeeeeeeeeeeere, when are you coming baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, what will i do withoooooooooooooooouut you? happy birthday; to Mrs. Nave who takes such good care of Benjamin every day and who likes my reading; to Bonnie- the only woman I know who takes the act of giving and generosity to such a level that I'd have an ornament, engraved, on my front porch, before 10am, the morning after our conversation, just so Seth would celebrate his first Christmas on the tree as well; to Beth for bailing me out yesterday; to Dr. Hildebrandt for talking to me about vaccines like I'm not stupid and for listening like you aren't a Dr.- I'd drive a lot farther to come see you on any day; for Nancy Sanders who has never given up on me and sends me love via the net on a very regular basis (and for not mailing your cards until spring so that I am not the ONLY slowpoke in the world); for Dr. Mark Palmer- who let me 4 kids occupy every inch of your waiting room while you, at the last minute- found the "root" - pardon the pun- of my pain; for my husband who loves me unconditionally and who bursts forth with words of affection all day long- I hope you get the big job next week but I know you'll settle for a big kiss from me if you don't; for sistah Wendy- you will always be our family- ALWAYS; for my cul-de-sac so filled with fun-loving people- we must have won the lottery to be given such wonderful neighbors with which to live; for f.t. who gives us lots of good info and who bothers to read my blog and claims to love it- you all were our first friends here and we so enjoy your company-always; for my parents who put so much thought and effort into caring for my children; for my paid interview last night- how nice it was to be given credence for my opinions and ONE HUNDRED BUCKS; to Mary Anne- such bliss I feel that my world has a you- when are you moving to Pittsburgh?; for Barbara Pryor who reminds me, with cards and letters, how much she misses me; for Kritty on Parkside- the best Christmas card to date.

What are you thankful for this cold Friday evening?


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