Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bed Bugs aren't so bad

Liam came up late in the evening and asked to sleep with Tom and I. This is an unusual request from him- for several years now he's gone to sleep in his own bed and slept through the night (this after co-sleeping for the first 18mos or so). Liam is my serious and brooding child- whose needs are not ever-apparent, like some of my other offspring. I consider it a treat when I get to snuggle up to him, though it is usually me who is asking. He is still a very affectionate child, but, now that he's seven, a BIG BOY, he doesn't linger in my arms- its a quick kiss on the forehead and he's off and running. So, last night, for a long time, as he lay in between us, I held his hand and told him, more than once, how much I loved him. I savored his breath, as it moved out of his body and close to me. And I thanked God for the gift that was and is my first son. It is in these rare but cherished moments that I know, deep down in my core, that there is a heaven on earth, and it is in the arms of my children.


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