Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's For Breakfast?

Liam happily eating his soft pretzel, wearing pajamas to school, along with Lily, for "pajama day."

Liam, my second child, has ALWAYS been a picky eater. It began, I assume, with his vast food allergies as an infant (dairy, soy, peanuts, and tree nuts). Now, as an almost seven year old, he will only eat a small variety of things, like PBJs, boiled chicken (cannot have any brown spots on it from baking- lol), chicken nuggets (which is like a whole food group in our family- funny to mention that after a "vegan" post), honey nut cheerios w/o milk, chocolate soy milk, juice, carrots, salsa, and many fruits. Breakfast is always an issue for him because, aside from the cheerios and waffles (w/ peanut butter and syrup), there isn't much he'll eat that I fix for the others. In the past, this has sometimes caused major frustrations, for both of us, but, in keeping with my renewed efforts at saying "yes" more often, I decided to fix him something that I knew he would eat this morning- a soft baked pretzel (he's asked before and both his father and I have said "NO!!!!!!!!!!- you are not eating a pretzel for breakfast- you need something healthy!!!". While not a traditional "breakfast food," I decided that it was perfectly fine as it is really just bread in a weird shape, right? Then I started thinking about other things the kids might think were cool for breakfast and how they have some redeeming qualities- ice cream has calcium and protein (Breyers being the chemical-free brand), chips and salsa- well, salsa is a vegetable. So, here's to breaking out of the breakfast box and throwing off your kids with something out of the ordinary and a big "yes" to boot!!! :)


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