Friday, October 26, 2007

All I want to do

is read a fucking story to my 1st grader's class- and "they" won't let me and so i'm going to start getting radical about this public school nonsense. If you can't be involved in your child's education, when he is 6 years old....I don't know. I'm just so angry right now...I pay an enormous amount of taxes to live in this town, most of which go to benefit Washington Elementary School. You think that when you get out of the ghetto and into the districts where everyone is white and the buildings are pretty that your child's experience will be top-notch...well, it is a myth and each day that passes I am becoming more and more disgruntled with how my children are spending their seven hours a day.

that is my rant, this rainy friday morning, and i'm sticking to it- no apologies. (even if I did drop the "f-bomb.")


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