Friday, October 5, 2007


My Thrift Store Treasures

I have an addiction to children's books. I love them. I don't know why, exactly, maybe its the pictures- how did we adults become so boring that we publish works of fiction and non-fiction without pictures? Like you just wake up one day, and you are ______ (fill in the blank) years old and you no longer need something pretty to go along with that boring old black print on white paper? Well, anyway, I scored some mighty fine books at the thrift store and I thought I'd boast on them tonight, before I head into a deep slumber. I'm working on my home library and when its done I'll share it with you. I used to feel really guilty about my book habits but then a light bulb moment (yes, that is an Oprah reference- sorry) happened and I gave myself permission to be quirky in this regard. Some people, like Imelda Marcos, for example, have shoe gluttony (had shoe gluttony- I think she's dead). For me, its Dr. Seuss, Tomie DePaola, Patricia Polacco, Jerry Pinkney, Barbara Cooney, and about a thousand others. And I've got this crazy dream (anyone want to call Oprah's Angel Network for me?) that I buy some old jalopy school bus and turn it into a free book mobile (I hate the library- I always owe them a ton of money because i can't ever return my books on time) and I'll drive into the poorest communities in our nation and I'll give away tons of books to every kid who wants one and they won't ever have to give them back. And the books will be about people who look like them and that they will want to absorb and never put down. But, for now, I'm just a dreamer with a habit.


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