Sunday, September 16, 2007

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Mr. Rogers would be so proud- we LOVE our neighbors, and for the third year in a row, we got to spend an evening with them, eating, drinking and being merry, at the annual Mission Drive block party. Two years ago, at the end of August, Tom and I signed the contract to buy the house we are now living in, and the owners thoughtfully invited us up a few weeks later, to attend our first neighborhood get-together. That night was one for the history books, for sure, as we discovered, with pure joy, what a wonderful community we were getting ready to join, and those feelings have only grown stronger since we've moved in. The festivities generally center around our home, with the food and drink tables set up in our driveway. At 4:30 people slowly trickle down, with a potluck assortment of side dishes and desserts, as well as wine or beer. This year we had everyone on our cul-de-sac in attendance, with the exception of The Stouts, and Bob & Sherry. We enjoyed meeting our new neighbors, Haley and Dan, whose house is located on Jefferson but backs to our property.

Our new neighbor Dan Gbur and his son Carl

They have two children (Eva and Carl), ages 6 and 3 and are looking forward to getting more acquainted with play dates and perhaps even getting rid of the chain-link fence, separating our yards.

Lynn McCabe cuddling with Seth

Jordan Tetlow and Frannie

Seth, our newest addition, and Frannie Tetlow, 11 months old, made their official debut, while their parents imbibed along with the rest of the adults in attendance.

Georgina DiNardo heads up the line of bubble wrap walkers (followed by Liam, Maddie Tetlow, Lily, Caroline McCabe and Molly Merrick).

Lily prepares to attempt the bubble walk as Eva Gbur looks on

Liam trying hard not to break any bubbles

The kids had a rip-roaring time playing the traditional games of walking the bubble-wrap, water toss, and spider.

Amy Wells directs the kids at the water toss game

Parents and their offspring participated along side one another in both the "BigFoot" race (Frank Tetlow and I teamed up for this and lost to Tom & Ben- in a humiliating finish, I might add- Frank's fault, of course) and the water balloon toss.

Tom and Lily, Caroline McCabe and her Dad Mike, Liam & Maddie Tetlow vs. her Dad Frank and brother Egan

Suzie Merrick decided that we'd better quit the illegal island bonfires of years past and purchased a fire pit yesterday morning. As the air was unseasonably chilly, we were all feeling cozy around the flames, with s'mores but no cumbayah (maybe next year).

Suzie Merrick's bonfire contribution

As the folks on Hazel Drive, just up the street, were also partying, we commiserated, with much bitterness, on how we could top their live band and fireworks, for next year. Frank, Tom, and I decided that a semi-annual hoo-ha, held amidst the winter blahs in January or February, should be in the works. We'll get right on that. All in all, our block party was certainly a success, and I'm left, again, with warm and fuzzy feelings for my fellow Mission Drivers. :)


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