Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting It Together

Anyone who knows me well can testify to the fact that I make reference, fairly regularly, to my pervasive ADD issues. A couple of years ago, right after we moved here, I saw a definition of attention deficit disorder and immediately made a self-diagnosis (then had a professional come to the same conclusion)and actually felt quite a bit of relief. All my life I have considered myself a flunky at the art of getting it together, losing everything from my glasses, to retainers, to pens, notes, textbooks. You name it, I've lost it, at least once. I also have struggled to manage my time as far as schoolwork, as both a student and elementary school teacher, and then as a paralegal and now a mother. Follow-through is very hard, though I can perform at very high levels- often turning out marvelous creations, especially in the artistic expression department. Now, as a mother of FOUR (is that really true?), the only way I can keep from hurling myself over the proverbial edge of a cliff, at all times, is to keep some semblance of organization in my home. This, for any mother, but especially for me and my artsy/ADD brain, is very very difficult. But, I have to say, I love the process of getting things in order and I did some of it yesterday, to Tom's chagrin (he prefers I just stick to the menial tasks of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.). I am very perfectionistic, so actually sorting through things and getting them in their place is an artform for me, and gives me the illusion of accomplishment, which, in and of itself is thrilling. Currently, I am tackling a closet in our kitchen, which, in the last year, has functioned as a TV/entertainment center, clothing receptacle for Tom, and a toy depository. Now, I am hoping, that I've found its permanent use as art pantry, and spent many hours yesterday, putting together a paper sorting bin (see photo- yes, I am a nut), and about 15 rubbermaid containers of supplies. As I am an amateur artist who is nurturing amateur artists, this is a very important corner of our home. (of course, my ADD did interfere, and I moved on to straightening the drawers in the kitchen island, as well as my baking cupboards (see muffin pan photo), and finished nothing!!!) ha ha ha

Is this a process or a goal I can finish? We shall see.


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