Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Ben and His Baby

For the past three months, since Seth was born, we've been a little concerned that Benjamin was not faring so well, having the "baby of the family" role taken away from him. Bedtime has been especially challenging, with Ben punching and kicking his way out of bed and screaming through the house, terrorizing his siblings (and us) sometimes for hours. Tom and I have both thought the situation was hopeless and just wanted to bury ourselves in some sort of hole, fearing we'd made a horrendous error in judgement by growing our family beyond three. My heart was lifted this morning, however, when Ben, while ushering his friends Trevor and Mikey into the house, said "do not scream guys because my baby is sleeping!" At that moment I knew that no permanent damage had been done by adding a fourth child to our wonderful family- and how beautiful it is to see Ben, my rough-around-the-edges boy, accept Seth into his life in such a loving way.


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