Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Peach!

Oh, baby, how I want to tell you, with all my heart, how much I love you and feel so blessed that you are mine. That you have spent the last 12 1/2 years of your 39 with me, is such a gift, you just don't know. You are such an amazing man, in so many ways, most of which you never get reminded of, in the chaos of our days.

The Thirty-Nine Best Things About Tom Sombar

1. Red hair- in the perfect shade, colored by God
2. The peach fuzz when you get your hair cut, that I love to run my fingers through, making it almost tolerable that you have better hair than me!
3. Your searing blue eyes. They are stunning and I'm so glad you gave them to our kids.
4. Your perfect nose- you lucky duck!
5. Your freckles, which you've also shared with our kids- and they are adorable.
6. Your muscles, which have always done it for me.
7. Your butt- except when it stinks. :)
8. Your brain- which is, by far, one of the most incredible things about you. You are so intelligent and well-rounded in your knowledge. I am constantly in awe of your thought process and your ability to discuss such a wide-range of topics. I never tire of your company and conversation. I learn so much from you.
9. Your feet- an odd way of putting this, but I like your drive to move- to hike, to run-around, to walk in the sand, to dance. Your feet help you to soar with me to great heights, and keep me steady, literally.
10. Your drive to better yourself- constantly, while still remaining a laid-back human being, willing to live with your imperfections....and mine.
11. Your appreciation for the beat of hip-hop music. I enjoy listening and singing along with you, and watching the energy it gives you, despite its resounding inappropriateness.
12. The warmth of your body when I lay next to you (and you are not snoring- it happens...rarely...but it happens).
13. Your tolerance of my need to mix "Ava Maria" into our boody-shakin' hits CD. It takes a special person to overlook my ADD, even in the music arena!
14. Your sense of humor- we are well-matched. And I know this everyday. That laughter has gotten us through some horrendous challenges and I look forward to your presense every evening because of it.
15. Your work ethic- appreciated by all you work with, no doubt, but also by me, as you support our family and allow us to live a good life.
16. Your open-minded spirit, towards many things that you, yourself, may not think of as "right" or a good idea. This extends to so many levels.
17. Your willingness to watch "Brokeback Mountain," even while faining boredom and preoccupation with your computer. I'm glad you are not a gay cowboy but I'm also glad you don't mind that they exist.
18. Your involvement in our children's lives-both the little and big ways. It is so important and you are an amazing father. The best I know, by far.
19. Your affectionate spirit. Your need to reach out and hold me, even when we are having a fight or things are otherwise yucky. I often walk-away, but I like that you don't.
20. Your hugs. They are the best.
21. Your sense of style. You make khakis unboring.
22. Your cleanliness. You compliment my slobism well.
23. Your ability to clean the house in 20 mins. I am envious.
24. Your romantic nature- sending me cards in the mail. I love it. And need nothing more elaborate than your words on paper. Never. Well, except for that 10th anniversary ring. ahem.
25. Your culinary accomplishments. You have taught me a lot about preparing food and I love creating dishes with you. In another lifetime, we will do more cooking side-by-side. When we aren't traveling...
26. Your willingness to grow our family beyond your original expectations. That you absorb my dreams and allow them to come true is a gift beyond measure and one whose goodness you will reap for an eternity.
27. Your level-headedness. You balance my drama quite well, though I'm sure you wish you didn't have to as much as you do. That is what those vows were for, babe. Thanks for honoring them to a "T."
28. Your computer savviness. A great help to those clueless techies who live amongst you.
29. Your forgiving spirit. Jesus lives in you everyday.
30. Your need to hear my voice all day. I love that you call me all the time and remind me that you love me- for no good reason. I never want to experience silence on your end. NEVER.
31. Your athletic abilities- as I have nearly none.
32. Your drive to succeed in your career. I will go anywhere with you.
33. Lillian Marie Sombar
34. Liam Michael Cleveland Sombar
35. Benjamin Thomas Sombar
36. Seth Paul Sombar XVIIIth
37. Judy Sombar. I love who I have become because of loving you. I wouldn't want to be anybody else, anytime or anywhere.
38. Our life together- which has been built on a foundation of love, endurance, passion, acceptance, gratefulness, simplicity, tolerance, laughter, tears, common interests, and harmony in dailiness.
39. YOU. You are everything in the world to me and I am looking forward to spending every single one of your future birthdays with you. I am so grateful for your life and how it clings to me. You are my better half. My all. I love you immensely. Thank you for sharing your days, weeks, years with me. You are all I need. Forever.


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