Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blessings On This Rainy Day

Just when I think I cannot possibly cope with a situation, God's grace wraps me in a blanket and gets me through. I left the house this morning at 7:45 bound for the lab to complete my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Those who know me best are fully aware that the 7:45 part was a challenge, in and of itself, as I am a die-hard evening-person, fairly comotose earlier than 9am (I get up with the kids in a state of semi-consciousness before then). I was feeling fairly confident at that point, however, because I had Anne Lamott's new book Grace (Eventually) Thoughst on Faith in tow, along with a tall glass of ice-water, to substitute for the breakfast I was forbidden to eat. The lab was empty, except for me and the very pleasant phlebotomist. I was ever grateful that the needle she inserted into my arm, promptly at 8am, didn't even pinch, due to some extraordinary talent of hers, no doubt (I've had the whole spectrum of blood draws). As I returned to me seat in the waiting room, for what was to be 3 hours of lounging, I was distraught to discover that the seats were very uncomfortable on my pregnant behind, and I was losing what little stamina I had from the famine that had ensued in my brain. I tried to become engrossed in my Lamott book, as planned, but I was too distracted by the misery I'd begun to feel at the challenge I was being forced to endure. I prayed, with earnest, that the Lord would somehow intercede and turn the hands on the clock to 11am, but those miracles never really occur as we hope they will. But, I'm happy to report that somehow I did manage to cope, without sprawling out on the teal green rug and going to sleep, by building a makeshift laz-y-boy out of two chairs and taking cat-naps. At 10am, my darling husband and two funny boys show up, out of the blue, to surprise me, and I nearly fainted with delight for the distraction. They stayed about 10mins, long enough to descend like vultures on the water dispenser and the candy basket, then left me to endure only about 45-50 mins. of additional boredom. (I love my family- they really do light up my life- though I won't sing the infamous Debbie Boone song right now in ode to them). I departed the lab at exactly 11:05 and sauntered to the Uptown Coffee shop, begging Jesus to make them have my favorite cranberry shortbread cookies. They did- along with a wonderfully refreshing lemonade. My friend Karin Turkovich, popped by to take Ben to chik-fil-a with her son, for lunch, and, at the last minute, offered to take Liam too. She is clearly a Saint. Tom and I ate lunch out and then saw Seth via sonogram at 1:45. He looked beautiful, and not the enormous blob of baby that we half-expected to see, given my extraordinary measurements two days ago (9weeks ahead of my dates). He weighs 2.6 lbs. and appears to have long feet like Lily. :)

We are so blessed, at every turn, by the lives that God has called us to lead. I love my family, friends, and our growing baby. What more could I ask for than this? Nothing.

Life is good.


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