Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 22nd- Gratitude

1) that I had tom's car to drive to community bible study, even though it is a stick shift and the kids are hard to buckle in the back.
2) that there were no horrible inclines to suffer through with the stick shift.
3) that it was brunch day and people brought very yummy fresh fruit and breads.
4) for everyone in my group- Lord, I love those people: Martha, Cynthia, Norma, Betsy, Jan, Jean, Eun, Astrid, Amy, and Joni. First-class human beings whom I am blessed to sit with every Thursday morning. We laugh, sometimes, cry, but always learn so much from each others' experiences. Priceless.
5) for Barbara Pryor and her funny way of bringing home the word of Paul, which we've been studying this semester.
6) for the boys performing a song for the moms in the sanctuary today. I sat in the front row just so I could see them and they could see me. Ben could not have looked more thrilled at the sight of his mommy grinning from ear to ear. Liam could not have looked more nervous. They were both terrific and I was so proud
7) for my husband's loving email to me today. I love him so.
8) for my lunch with Stacey- a rare moment- a delicious conversation over a delicious salad. She's so great and I love our friendship.
9) for my love of children's books and being able to read to Ben's class today.
10) for every time I felt Seth kick in my belly today- reminding me of the miracle of him.
11) for my parents who always seem happy to hear from us. We miss their presence here and can't wait to visit with them soon.
12) for God's grace in helping me get thru the time of Tom's business trip without throwing myself off of a bridge or freaking out on my kids. I am exhausted, the kids are a little bored, but all-in-all we made it.


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