Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Going to China

If only this were a post about a real family adventure that was planned and paid for and soon to be reality....sigh.....

No, but almost as great....Benjamin spends nearly every day, both morning and afternoon, in a drama about how he's going to walk to China. China, for him, must be this wonderful imaginary land that is close by and full of exciting opportunities. He fills his backpack with all of the stuff he thinks is important for such a journey and announces, as he's walking out the door, "mommy, I goin' to China, okay?" One day, a few weekends ago now, we got a call from the McCabe family, who lives at the top of our cul-de-sac. Apparently Ben had snuck out of the yard and headed up past their house. Mike McCabe stopped him and inquired as to where he was going and Ben, very nonchalantly proclaims "I goin' to China." Mike then asks the very important question "does your mommy know you are going to China?" And Ben, perhaps with a pang of guilt for breaking the #1 cardinal rule of the Sombar household (DON'T LEAVE THE YARD WITHOUT TELLING MOMMY OR DADDY FIRST), came quickly home. He drives us batty but he sure is funny.


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