Sunday, November 5, 2006


I don't really have anything crucial to write about this morning but I decided to check-in anyway. We've spent this weekend working on clearing through the enormous amount of junk in our garage. At one point, when I was sorting through a picture/memory box, I found Ben's baby journal and began reading it. I was amazed and somewhat horrified by the amount of things I'd written that I could not recall. Suddenly I found myself in a panic that I was forgetting the quirky things about my children's dailiness and needed to be more diligent about journaling them.

Lily has been spending all her time this weekend watching T.V. We found one of our favorite videos of the past- "Gentle Birth Choices" and watched a little together. She and I are starting to plan her role at the upcoming birth of her new sibling. I'm committed to having her there this time, even if I am screaming and scarey. I think she's old enough to handle it and has watched enough birth videos and TLC to know that it comes with the territory.

Liam has also been watching a fair amount of Disney Channel, "That's So Raven" being his favorite (much like his big sis Lily). He does, however, get up to act out some drama he's invented, laser wars or playing house. He's got a terrific imagination. I have been enjoying reading "The Boxcar Children" to him, which is our first chapter book together. It was one of my favorites as a child and I knew he'd love the fact that the kids are fending for themselves in the woods- a true fantasy of his!

Benjamin is a real combination of lover and fighter and provokes a variety of emotions within Tom and I every minute. He is the funniest kid in our family but he is also the biggest challenge and trouble-maker. I have been wondering lately if I was like him as a child- I have a strong hunch that I was. My parents, especially my mom, must have had her hands full. The fact that I've turned into an adult with great morals and consciousness provides hope for ol' Ben. Hopefully he finds those virtues at an early age, before I did. He and the rest of the world will be a lot better off. On a different note, I believe he is the most excited Sombar kid about the new baby. He constantly talks to it, kisses my belly, or talks of the "baby" growing in his belly, which he says is a girl he is naming "Ella." (after a little girl in his nursery school class!)

Well, I'm off to do more sorting and trashing. Let this be a lesson to us all: more is not better- ever!


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