Thursday, November 16, 2006


I've struggled my whole life with trying to find my own greatness- my significance in this vast universe which makes us all seem small. I feel like I've wandered through the last thirty-some years seeing those around me achieve in a particular way, and go, hmmmmmmmm.....I wonder if I could do that. Yeah...I could be good at that. But where does my own greatness lie? I think I'm coming to figure that out. Its very scarey, though, when you see what's been right in front of your face for decades. Paths that lurch up to you with such promise, and also failure. I always chose the safe route. The go-to-college-and-get-some-mundane-psychology-degree-and-do-nothing-with-it-but-work-in-a-meaningless-job-and-get-married-then-have-babies path. Now I'm 36 and the thought that I could be too late is paralyzing and sad. Do you see what the fat is covering up? A vision of success.


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Forty-three year-old, mother and staunch advocate of four young children, passionate warrior of truth and self, finding the soul in each day, sharing my struggles and triumphs as I live them. Mostly I do this for me, so my thoughts don't race as much at night as they used to. But I also give this to those of you who need to know, in any or every way, that you are not alone.

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